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We need to control access/use of one application, because it only allows one user at time. The access is made by RDP, so when a user calls the RDP session, if other user was already in he lost the connection.

We have created a specific channel in our Team and established to ask others if anyone are using the app but his is not a streamline flow.

Anyone now if there are any app or something that allow to create a kind of ON/OFF or GREEN/RED toggle in a Team or Channel Tab that all team members can check / uncheck to inform the others about the usage status of the app?


Thank you in advance. 

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Hi @Ivo Fernandes

There is no presence app as such that would pick this up.

A few ways you could potentially manage this
1.) Put the app in a private channel and when one person needs to use the app, add them and when one person has finished, remove them. This would kind of work as a form of privileged access management
2.) You could, when people are using it, rename the channel name with an emoji. To do this simply edit the channel name and select windows button + . and then set a red X emoji on the channel name when in use, and then set a green tick when it is available

They are not automated ways of management. Something like this doesn't currently exist. You could do down the route of custom development however this could be expensive. If you want to see a feature like this in Teams then it would be recommended to open a user voice for it here


Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris