New Contributor

I use my private E-mail to manage Volume Licensing for a Company.

When logging in to Microsoft I have always the choice to use Corporative or Private Account Login with my E-Mail. Always worked.

Private I am managing my Office 365 License and Family devices.

When logging in to Office now I was asked to configure a txt entry in the domains DNS of my E-Mail Domain in order to continue to be administrator. (No idea why) But I inserted the entry.

No Office 365 configured family member nor device is listed anymore.

I tried using my private E-mail to use Teams private and it returns:


"Somebody already configured Teams for your Organization"

"Ask the Administrator for help to use Teams ......"


Administrator of my E-Mail account should be me. I have no Organization.

I do not want to uso another E-Mail as this is my private E-Mail for years.

Help appreciated.