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I've recently installed microsoft teams in my debian machine. Although I prefer to use all libre software, I've to install msteams in order to talk in college.

But now i am worried,


How to really disable sending data to microsoft in msteam? [ For real, not even a bit about me]


I do not want any US government or NSA , looking or tracking at me every time.

I've although disabled sending data to microsoft, but I don't believe in anyone either when it comes to privacy, 


@ran23985 It's hard to disable sending data to Teams when that the whole intention of the product. 


Your information will be available to the tenant owner, I assume your college.


Being completely untracked isn't really an option when you join the real world, get used to it. After all, you already gave your college all of your details. 


Microsoft generally doesn't use the data, it has no desire to except to maintain operations. That's a lot better than Google which tracks your every movement.

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