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Hi, I need a little help with the Call Delegation feature, specifically calling on behalf of somebody.


I've set User 1 as a delegate for User 2, however when he calls a PSTN number on his behalf (from the desktop client), the call shows User 1's DID as the Caller ID, not User 2's as expected. 


I've checked the trace on our Direct Routing SBC, and I see User 1's SIP URI in From: header field of the INVITE coming from Teams side - no matter if User 1 selects to call on behalf of User 2 or not. Also no other headers that could help the SBC distinguish between these calls.


Am I missing something here? 

Hi @Vasily_Trudaev 


Can you please check if the attached article helps you?


With Regards,

Satish U

Hi, this doesn't help, I'm already using Call Delegation exactly as outlined in the article.

My problem is that the Caller ID is wrong when using this setup.

@Vasily_Trudaev I have the same issue and have opened a ticket with Microsoft. I have found that if I use the Teams web interface that it works correctly, do you have the same experience ?

We are seeing this same issue - user1 calling on behalf of user2. Using the web client the caller id correctly shows user2. Using the regular client the caller id incorrectly shows user1.  Did Microsoft provide a solution?

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