Stream is not activated in our tenant.

Recordings of meetings of about an hour in length are taking over a week to appear in the meeting chat.  Is this how it is, or is it indicative of something being amiss in our tenant?


I believe that when Stream is not in use the recordings get stored in the Azure Media Service and are deleted after 21 days, but taking over a week to appear in the meeting chat feed is somewhat ridiculous.


If Stream were to be activated for relevant users would we see an instance improvement and have such recordings made available via Stream in a matter of hours not days?  If so, it gives me some ammunition to get our Global Admins to activate Stream sooner rather than later.  But if it is not going to make any difference there's no point.


I would really appreciate any advice on this.

Hard to say. I've been seeing lots of complaints in this community about Meeting recordings as of late. I know when I used to do recordings they were pretty quick into Stream, within minutes.