Hi Guys,


Ok so here's my situation and I'm looking for your suggestions. My company is moving away from its local file server to 365.We're heavily using Microsoft Teams due to COVID-19 but we haven't moved files yet.


The current file server model is the following:


  • User Drive
  • Departmental Shared Drive  


User Drive is fine as we will just copy all the users data into their own OneDrive Accounts. 

The Departmental Shared Drives are the issue. We have a number departments that have built smaller teams and want to work inside those teams but want access to the Department Shared Drive/Files. Whilst the teams don't necessarily work together all the time they all access each others files. 



In Teams is there an easy way of each team accessing the 'Department Shared Folder'. At the moment all I can think of is creating a channel in each team called 'Shared Files' then in the files tab I add the Department Shared Files cloud storage pointing to the Departments Document Library. I know you can create a Document Library tab inside a channel but that with also 'Files' tab can be confusing for the user.


I am wondering if theres anything which may be easier? My ideal solution is that on the side bar in teams you can add Sharepoint Document Libraries as cloud storage but this is not possible currently in teams. 


On their local PCs we'll just sync the departmental shared folder with onedrive so it appears in their explorer and they can do the same with their smaller teams files but when working in Teams i want them to be able to pick up their departments shared files just as easily. 


Splitting up the data is not an option as the users need access to the whole departments files and sharing would be a huge pain. 


Your thoughts please.









@Mondas Experiencing a similar issue at my organisation.... hoping someone has the answer!

I think you figured this out pretty well.