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Hi All,

         Like many of the ipad and ms team users. I am also upset with limitations of teams functionalities in mobile app. 
In iPad, I cant start or create a meeting from Channel page as I can in laptop or desktop

I can’t find attendance download button in iPad

I find no option to upload class materials in the channel in iPad.

Installation of extra app, like insights, is not possible from ipad.

there are many more problems.

Microsoft needs to solve these issues. Boycotting Zoom will not work if companies fail to be smatter than china. 

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Hi @DrSoumiz

Recommendation is to vote up on the features you want to see on Teams Uservoice

Here is what you are asking for

Meet now on IPad

Class materials folder on IPad

Apps for IPad similar to Desktop

Would vote to push them up the agenda. Teams Engineering and the Product team review these so by voting on them, you will be notified if they get picked up

Best, Chris
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