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I designed an auto attendant / call queue routing for our service desk.


Basically, the entry point is always the AA. During business hours the call should be routed to the CQ. After hours and on holidays the caller should hear an out of office message and be disconnected.


I created an AA resource account SVC-Teams-AA__Service-Desk with an on-premises phone number, and a CQ resource account SVC-Teams-CQ__Service-Desk without phone number.


The problem is, that the caller can see that he is being redirected to the call queue and if he's smart, he will just call the CQ directly, skipping the call routing entirely. He is able to follow the redirection in the client, meaning that he first sees that he called SVC-Teams-AA__Service-Desk  and seconds later he sees SVC-Teams-CQ__Service-Desk.




After the call is finished he has both call queues in the recent chat view.




As I explained, this is a major drawback. Any ideas how to hide the routing path from the calling user? He should always and only see the auto attendant he called.