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Can anyone provide some insight into how scheduling a meeting on Teams results in email notifications. We have this situation: office365 subscriptions but users are using our existing email system (setup on Google), all using their primary email address (eg:firstname.lastname@ourdomain.com).


When I schedule a meeting in Teams and invite an external email (gmail or otherwise, not not on ourdomain.com), they receive an email.


When I schedule a meeting in Teams and invite anyone by their account (or schedule a meeting for a channel, etc), they DON'T receive an email. However, the kicker is that if they look into their Outlook, there is an 'email' that appears delivered to their primary email (firstname.lastname@ourdomain.com) but it doesn't seem like it was actually delivered through normal email routing (seems sent by Microsoft SMTP through outlook and just deposited in outlook).


Our MX records are pointing to Google as per Gmail setup for our domain, but somehow TEams notifications seem to bypass that.