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I have an app with a lot of functionalies. One of them is the option of shared screen between diferent persons of a private group.


I embedded my app into teams apps and everything works fine except the shared screen  funcionality of my app.


When i open Teams with a browser  (Chrome, Mozilla and Edge last version) i can shared screen from my App but when i open my App using  the Team Desktop App it doesn´t run. 


The library that i use doesn't run with some old browser version.

I dont know if there is permissions problems or a embedded browser version problem ?

Maybe i have to configure something into my team desktop App?


Can you help me please? 


Thank you very much

There is a problem with Teams desktop and the version of the the chrome string it returns was like 60 or 66. Don't think it's been updated and it's been an issue I've seen with many MDM solutions etc.