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We are currently building Direct Routing voice infra for MS Teams with Media Optimization and Always Bypass mode using Audiocodes SBCs. Aim is to have two centralized ProxySBCs, primary and standby, shared over many PSTNGateways.


When we define PSTN Gateway and Virtual Network Topology in Teams we can only define a single ProxySBC parameter for each PSTNGateway:


PS C:\> Set-CsOnlinePSTNGateway -Identity <Identity> -GatewaySiteID <site ID> -MediaBypass <true/false> -BypassMode <Always/OnlyForLocalUsers> -ProxySBC <proxy SBC FQDN or $null>

We would like to define geographical failover strategy for Calls to use standby ProxySBC. Are you aware about any possible option to achieve automatic ProxySBC failover?


Options that comes to my mind, we could:

  • Duplicate PSTNGateways once with Primary ProxySBC and second with Standby ProxySBC and play with VoicePolicies, but that would involve 2 different FQDNs and 2 Certificates for 1 same thing.
  • Do Manual failover to Standby ProxySBC with a script but that misses automation.
  • Build HA Pair but that's not available in two geographical different locations in our environment.


Any option I overlooked how Microsoft plan ProxySBC failover? Any comments greatly appreciated.