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Anyone else having trouble logging into Manage Teams in the admin centre? Second day now keep getting this and an unable to load message. Have contacted support but no response as yet.. is ther an issue or is it just me?@teamsadmin

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Seems to work fine for me, if you are still getting the same behavior, open a support case.

@opsadmin - I just ran into the same problem. It happened immediately after I changed the Apps available to Teams. Not only do I get the same error you have, but I am now locked out of making changes to the apps. I suspect I've somehow removed an app that Teams needs to operate correctly.


Demo environment for me, so I've not bothered to contact support. But let us know what you hear (and feel free to share what I've shared if it helps with tracking down the problem).

Hi @PoweredByLUCK  and @opsadmin  

I agree with @Vasil Michev   that Support can be much more effective in getting to the bottom of whatever you are seeing.