Even in admin center i can only go back a month - is this the standard retention policy in teams for call history (not conference calls, just individual calling) and / or is there any other way of looking back before that?

@SarahTurner Same question.  Is there a way to increase the retention of call history?  

I haven't found a solution other than to rely on backups.

@SarahTurner what tool are you using to back up audio call history?  The product we use backs up Teams, 365 Sharepoint etc, - the content, not call history.  Also, how are you reporting on it?  I've looked around and MS has retired some of the powershell that might have been able to export individual user's call history.  Instead they say to use the graph API, which of course can only report on high level metrics, not each person's call history.   We're looking for something like "person A called person C, F, and W on Tuesday.  



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