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I want to secure a wiki. I have changed the access privileges in SharePoint to Read Only for Team members but they are still able to edit the wiki. The weird thing is that if I open Sharepoint then the latest Modified Date and User is not in line with what happened on Teams. I am clearly missing something. Any ideas?

Hello @Illuminate  I can't answer your question directly but I can offer  you this article on Security in Teams in general - perhaps there's something there that will help.  Otherwise we'll just have to see if the community members have other suggestions.



@Illuminate Hello! Never done it but you should be able to do it. Try this.


Open the SharePoint view.



It most likely is inheriting permissions. Stop that and set grant/edit desired permissions.





@ChristianBergstrom thanks, This is the first thing I tried and members are still able to change the Wiki. I asked the same question during Colab365 recently and the general consensus was securing a wiki goes against the principles of a wiki, sharing i.e. if you feel that you need to secure information in a wiki it is probably the wrong tool to use. While I agree with the sentiment I am a bit baffled by the fact that I can set access permission but it does not have any impact :unamused:

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@Illuminate Hello! Thanks for the update, that's handy to know! (never tried it as I mentioned).


How about using OneNote within Teams instead? It's a much better overall experience comparing to the Wiki and you can secure it with password-protected sections (but not entire notebooks) using encryption. To add to that you have the sharing/permissions options as well. 

Thanks @ChristianBergstrom I will look into that. I was also thinking about using Sharepoint site pages but OneNote would be easier to manage. I have never tried to secure OneNote in Teams and it would be interesting to see how it works since the Wiki is actually built on OneNote. 

@Illuminate unfortunately you can't lock teams built-in wiki from being edited, but there is a lot of 3-rd party wiki apps available for the Ms Teams. Here is an overview of "Best Wiki Apps for Microsoft Teams in 2021"