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Installed Teams on my sisters laptop and was working fine but no teams meeting available in outlook.  uninstalled Teams and re-installed as administrator and now when trying to install, it gets to the log in page, i enter her details and it comes back with something went wrong, a CAA90007 error and the message that the URL is too long?  google is throwing back nothing for this error code.


Thought it may have been because i uninstalled it then reinstalled it so tried a fresh install on her other laptop and got the exact same error message on it.  i also tried loggin on with my own log in and got the same message. Any ideas?



Hello @SteMagoo   When I search this topic on Bing I see a lot of articles and docs that might be of assistance to you.  Have you done that?  Sometimes a customers' issue is so specific it's better to have them refer to the public sources first before directing them to tech support.

Hi@ThereseSolimeno thanks for and I appreciate the reply. I have binged the error code as you suggested and cannot find any references or articles describing the problem I am currently having? have you actually clicked on the results it returned? ive read 4 or 5 in detail now and the problems are not similar to the specific one I am describing. 

Hi, again @SteMagoo  Our first inclination is to see if the existing resources online can help our users.  If not, we can see what other suggestions the community has, but I would also refer you to our tech support site at for personalized assistance.

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