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I'm not sure if I landed in the right place, but I have a suggestion to make.

As a user of Teams in a school, I experienced lots of people forgetting to hand in assignments because they disappear in the deep of the assignments tool and absolutely no one thinks about it.

I had the idea that there should be an option to enable notification for Assignments to be handed in by the time teachers ask and request the students to hand them in. Also calendar integration (in the Teams and Outlook-calendar, as a reminder).


Example: French-teacher assigns a reading-task via the assignments tool and sets the due date for Wednesday, July 1st at 6pm. The assignment arrives to the students and it automatically goes into the calendar of the students. It automatically creates an appointment on that day at 6pm (due date) and sets the reminder one day before. So, on June 29, the student gets a notification like this: "Hey /Brian/, you have an assignment "Reading" for French class due tomorrow. Don't forget!"


Would that be possible?

Hello @alessiocusintino  Thank you for your suggestion.  You may also want to share this in the Education Sector Tech Community  and our Uservoice feedback forum, where others can vote on it and you can track the progress if it becomes a feature.