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We are in the process of deploying Teams to our virtual desktops.  We are running VMware Horizon 7.8 and using non-persistent instant clones desktops.  I installed Teams onto my Golden Image based on the instructions in this: Teams and VMware and this Teams for VDI.  The problem we are having is when I log into a desktop the 1st time, Teams attempts to launch but never does.  We just get a white box on the screen.  However, if we logout of that desktop and login again (we grab a different desktop), teams launches fine.  We are using VMware UEM for the caching of credentials.


I am looking for a solution to the problem of it not launching on the first attempt.  I do not want our users to have to login a desktop, have Teams attempt to launch and when it doesn't. logout of the desktop and login again.  What suggestions does anyone have?


Thank you