Working on a solution for a healthcare project that is moving to Teams Voice as a solution using Direct Routing.

The nurses stations currently have a regular desk phone and a cordless off the shelf analog phone.

We are looking to have a CAP desk phone and then a cordless phone that can be carried around.

Can a CAP be set up to simultaneously ring the cordless analog phone?


Also, since Direct Routing I assume you use the PS commands to set up the actual number (non-DID, Non-cloud) for the CAPs just like for a DR onprem number for a user.

best response confirmed by ThereseSolimeno (Microsoft)
Hi, yes you can assign a Direct Routing number to a Common Area Phone using the normal Set-CsUser command with the -OnPremLineURI parameter. For a CAP you need to create a normal Office 365 user account in order to apply the CAP license.

In reference to the call forwarding, I cannot see this being an issue if you use a Teams native IP phone. In the phones firmware under the "Calling" section you can set forwarding actions if unanswered to another contact or number. I hope this helps.
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