@Jeremy Wood  same thing happened to me on June 2, 2020.  Funny thing is I did the exact same type of Teams Live event a few weeks earlier and it did record it in Stream for me, but not for this event.  I know I checked the recording box for Producer/Presenter and not for attendees.  Worked perfectly for the event a few weeks ago, but this one on June 2 did not allow me to download the recording and I was the producer.  I could enable it for attendees after the fact and could view it just fine from the original attendee invitation, but not download it.  No matter what I did I could not find the recording to download so I could edit it, all that was available was the attendee link from the original invitation because I enabled it after the meeting since I could not find the downloadable recording.  Since I did this before, I believe this has changed and is currently a bug that should be investigated.

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