Hi @JoeyWeems ,


One model I see quite often is using Teams during projects and while collaboratively creating content, but then having an agreed process that final, approved documents are moved to a more central repository. This can also avoid the situation where content gets trapped in a specific team and hidden from the rest of the organisation. I guess it depends on your content and business how it's appropriate to permission your content, but in my experience people do tend to over secure content, if someone asked would you share that content with them, in which case don't keep it to yourself.


Hub sites are really the next best option. Root sites are a pain in SharePoint, but are now largely unnecessary as you can declare any site as your Homesite, don't worry about the URL. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/home-site


With the hub model your content would remain in each departmental team, but become searchable from the homesite/hub. Remember that permissions are maintained, only members of each team would by default see the file content. It is possible to independently change the permissions on their SharePoint sites to give wider access to just the files.