I am having a weird experience. I held a Live Meeting and made the recording available to attendees. If I access the event as an attendee, I can watch the recording. If I open the calendar item as the producer, I don't see the link to download the event recording.


Any hints or tips on how I can access this recording? I need to post it to another video sharing site.


@Jeremy Wood 

Go to Stream & download the recording directly from Stream.  Once it's on your machine, you can upload the recording file to another site.

Unfortunately there is a note on the Office support page that says: Note: Recordings from live events produced in Teams are currently not saved in Microsoft Stream. You can download the recording from the meeting details and upload it manually to Microsoft Stream after the event.

I was hoping there was some sort of hack. I didn't know it was possible to not have the box checked for producers and presenters to download but still have it accessible to attendees. I think this one is a lesson learned.

@Jeremy Wood  same thing happened to me on June 2, 2020.  Funny thing is I did the exact same type of Teams Live event a few weeks earlier and it did record it in Stream for me, but not for this event.  I know I checked the recording box for Producer/Presenter and not for attendees.  Worked perfectly for the event a few weeks ago, but this one on June 2 did not allow me to download the recording and I was the producer.  I could enable it for attendees after the fact and could view it just fine from the original attendee invitation, but not download it.  No matter what I did I could not find the recording to download so I could edit it, all that was available was the attendee link from the original invitation because I enabled it after the meeting since I could not find the downloadable recording.  Since I did this before, I believe this has changed and is currently a bug that should be investigated.