@PeterRising Yes I agree Teams is shaping up to be a great platform, with all of the integration with the Microsoft Stack. I think though there are some fundamental features that it needs to really dominate in this area.


From what I gather out of the URL's below Slack does support inline media, exactly as in the Teams UserVoice "Embed media". Hence I think it is also an invaluable feature that Teams needs to push up engagement in the platform.





I understand they have some market share in the ESN market but again it doesn't make sense to me to push Yammer, as they could easily migrate that market to Teams if they push development of only two different features (i.e. ones I mentioned already), and if they Market teams as being able to be both a ESN and a Team/Business management/comm tool. Also I hate that they are pushing teams features (i.e. file storage, etc.) into Yammer because that also just confuses people even more and its a waste of development resources.