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Our business moved to Facebook Workplace last year, previously we were using Yammer. We also have MS Teams with a Business wide team. So what benefit does Yammer or Facebook Workplace have over teams? Nothing. All it does is create a information fragmentation and cause confusion for users. The whole inner loop and outer loop talk means nothing if they cannot explicitly state when to use one software over another and provide functional reasons why one is better than the other


Teams is rapidly becoming the go to area for everything within business so why shouldn't it encompass all features of Yammer and Workplace


If teams has pretty much the exact same functionality as Yammer / Facebook Workplace (i.e. only differences being the two mentioned below, which can be rectified through the UserVoices linked below, please vote), why not create the exact same communities that are in Yammer in Teams. Have a org wide team, have all the smaller communities people would join, just in teams. Then they can come and go as they please from those teams. For getting work done they still then have all of their normal project teams or department teams etc. there as well. Discover-ability of teams is going to get better in September, so why have two platforms which again confuses people. Its almost as if there is no point in public groups within teams as all those end up being are communities in Yammer and generally work the same way.


Can some one please provide some direct functional differences between the platforms that cause Yammer / Workplace better for general community communication (other than the two mentioned below). Because from what I have seen and from all my experience with the platforms there are pretty much none. So why not just create the functionality of Yammer / Workplace (i.e. knowledge sharing communities) within teams.



  • Embed Media within Teams so that you don't have to open a separate browser to play videos and it plays inline in the conversation feed area (exactly like Yammer and Facebook does): https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/16945996-embed-media?category_...
  • Personalized feed (more an improvement to the activity feed in teams to match the Facebook / Yammer personalized feed that takes conversations from all communities you are apart of. I cant find the UserVoice right now for the personal feed.


Yammer and Teams are apart of the same subscriptions so why does Microsoft waste development costs on Yammer when they aren't getting any more subscriptions from it. Put all of the development into Teams and incorporate the only two features Yammer or workplace has that differentiate them, then it becomes the powerhouse for everything a business does and needs.


Then all information is in one place, all tasks will be in one place (new teams tasks app, when it finally gets released), all internal calls/meetings and comm's in one place (bar email for external users), workflows in one place through power automate linked to teams, SharePoint site linked to a org wide group and team for its intranet, all associated files stored in one place linked to the team.


There's my rant over but still i would really like to know why there are two platforms when they do pretty much the exact same thing. Don't mention inner and outer loops because that is just marketing talk that means nothing when we look at actual functionality. Does anyone have any clear cut reasons to keep the platforms separate?