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Our organization has actively embraced Teams and been using SharePoint prior to Teams. We really dove head first and created Teams for various departments, functional areas, and one-off situations and the impact has been noticeable (positively). That said, we are engaging on a global corporate strategy to reign in our data to ensure we don't carry several copies, files are easy to find, and yet still secure. The leadership approach was to create a single Document Library and have all areas of the business dump files in this flat folder structure. This a nightmare for permission/access management, it removes the majority of collaboration available on the platform, and feels outdated. With a concurrent NetSuite implementation that would see SharePoint files available in NetSuite for record association this approach made sense but I am seeing a lot of negative effects of this approach and fear we are headed down a road that will make us worse not better.


I am seeking advice from anyone/everyone out there that has dealt with a similar situation as I know there is much better approaches that provide data security, ease of use, "less painful" permission management, and enabled collaboration. 


Ideally, I want to maintain an approach of Teams with SharePoint enabled sites for each functional area and department yet have this feel like it is in one-cohesive location enabling the requirements listed above. As additional context, I had dabbled with using a Hub but we ended up setting the communication site used as the Hub as our root site and that is now not possible (Hub site cannot be the Root site). Maybe the solution is around a Hub.


I look forward to any recommendations and dialog and thank you for your time!