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I'm a teacher and since the Corona-lockdown I have been teaching with Teams.

A few times a week I host Q&A-sessions in my different classes. Lately some students have been deleting other students from the meeting. Is there a setting to prevent that?

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I think you have to make the students attendees. By default everyone in the org are presenters I think. When you create the meeting, you should be able to click on meeting options in the calendar entry. Look for the presenter options.

See here for more

@Tine_Silverans  You might want to have your O365 Administrator review the Teams Meeting policies in place for both faculty and students. Find more guidance via this link


Alternatively, hosting your classes as a live events and you as the producer, your students as attendees with the Q and A setting activated will restrict such disruptive controls from students. The only concern here is that your students will only be able to hear and or see you but you may not hear them but can read their questions.

In addition to David’s answer:
Soon there will be an option to change the default setup for meetings for assigning roles to Participants (Presenter/Attendee).

See as attachment an overview of different roles in a Teams Meeting