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Dear community,


Can someone help / guide me through the permissions a certain persona can have, using the Team network planner? Especially the ones starting with 'Conference'?


Thank you!


@Christopher Hoard 



Hi @BenVdP

See these resources

Think of the persona as a type of user in your organisation. The persona has permission to do the following - make audio calls, make video calls, screen share etc. You would create a persona of what a typical person does and then put a number against that persona (I.e. 30 users fit this persona) to work out the bandwidth required.

For example

Persona 1 - 20 users - use Audio/Video/Screen sharing but not conferencing
Persona 2 - 15 users - use Audio/Video/Screen Sharing/Conferencing
Persona 3 - 5 users - all

You maybe just have one persona - many small businesses typically have one persona who have access to everything

Hope that makes sense and helps you to build your network plan

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard, Thanks for the detailed information. Although I went through the resources but didn't find any description for the differences between e.g. Audio and Conf audio.


So what I'm looking for is the difference between:


  • Audio vs. Conf audio
  • Video vs. Conf video
  • Screen sharing vs. Conf screen sharing

Is it that audio, video and screen sharing is referring to 1-on-1 calls and conference is referring to a call with multiple persons attending?



best response confirmed by BenVdP (New Contributor)

The best reference I can find is here when looking at bandwidth

Video, Audio and Screen sharing means peer to peer. Conference Audio, Video and screen sharing means if you are booking calls with multiple people

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
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