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we use teams mainly for internal communication. The management does not want to be called by the users. However, management wants to be able to call all users. I therefore need a group "A" for users who cannot call users in group "B", but users of the group "B" can call users of the group "A" and "B".

Is there a way to do it?

Thank you very much




wir nutzen Teams hauptsächlich für die interne Kommunikation. Die Geschäftsführung möchte nicht von den Usern angerufen werden. Die Geschäftsführung möchten jedoch alle User anrufen können. Ich benötige daher eine Gruppe „A“ für User, die User in Gruppe „B“ nicht anrufen können, aber User der Gruppe „B“ können User der Gruppe „A“ und „B“ anrufen.

Gibt es da eine Möglichkeit?

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Information barriers will do it, but will also create other effects, for example A can't add B to a Team either.

While I appreciate these aren't my managers, this is one of the most ridiculous requests I've heard. I would tell them it can't be done, and no one anywhere has ever asked for this before, even in the biggest organisations that exist in the world.

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