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Hi everyone!

I am a high school teacher and I just started with Teams for working with my students.

When I make Class Teams it always appear basic tabs: "publicaciones"; "archivos"; "bloc de notas"; "tareas" y "notas".

Some of my colleagues asked me how to remove some tabs (i.e "bloc de notas"). Others want to change the tab order (i.e first tab "tareas").

I have been reading and searching on the web but I found nothing.

Could you help me?




Hi Buffy,
You can arrange tabs after the First 2 default tabs. In US English it's "Posts", "Files". I'm not 100% on EDU tenants tabs if they can be arranged, but there currently isn't a lot of customization in the area of the default tabs. Custom tabs added can be reordered etc. it's possible your notepad/tasks etc can be switched around, but the first 2 are for sure cannot be adjusted.
That was what I thought, thank you!
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