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I am able to add guest users to Office 365. They can install teams but do not have an office 365 account of themselves. 


They do not have the "phone" option in the teams they install and I cannot reach them if I try to call them.


But when I look at Teams plans.. Videocalling should be available for free for those users?




I am probably missing something here but it's not clear to me what.


Thanks for any tips!

If you only want to have a videochat with them, then schedule a meeting. They don't need a Teams acocunt, they can join the meeting anonymously using the web application in a web browser.



If you want to collaborate with them, share files etc. create a team in Teams and invite them as guests.


@Linus Cansby 


Thanks. That helps a lot!

I was aware of the file sharing part. I didn't know you had to invite a person to videochat with him, since we would just call each other up.


As far as I understand it, you can not just call a guest user up (and vica versa)... they need to be invited to a meeting and it needs to be initiated by the person with the licensed office 365 account?


You can call a guest with an private call, if it is not disabled by administrators in your tenant. But they have to be signed in to your tenant in Teams.





HIi @ErdYar 


The Phone Icon on the Microsoft Teams Application is basically used for making PSTN Call from the Microsoft Teams Client to a PSTN Number.


In case you are able to add folks on the Microsoft Office 365 as a guest users. You should search the user account from the Microsoft Teams Application using the Email Address or using the First Name and Last Name and make a call to the specific person. 


Can you please check on the Below Screenshot if the users are able to see this options? On the Right Hand Top Corner. 



In case they are missing this option then your Office 365 Admin has disabled the VOIP Calling for the Tenant and he needs to enable the same for the Guest Users post which they would be able to make the call to and from their accounts.


Permission/Features Assignment to Guest Users 



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