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When my daughter tries to login at Microsoft Teams with the user and password used by organization:, Teams returns that the password is invalid.

Altough she can login without problem in the web mail of this organization with her credentials.


What does she need to do in order to have a suscessful login?

Are you sure the same login used to access educamadrid is valid to access Teams?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Ramiro's teacher told to her students that at the beginning you need different user for than for Teams, but now it is the same one.

It looks like that Teams recognize as organization, you can check trying to reset the password, the page has the flag of Comunidad de Madrid, and it answers to you that this organization doesn't permit to reset it.

A part from that there is a form to request help here:

But you don't receive anything at your mail telling you that a ticket is open, and also the problem persist, probably because there isn't a proper suppport service in place, yet.


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