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Hello, i am a fairly new user to Teams but have been diving into it. we recently implemented it to ~100 users. I am irritated with the limited options on private channels... and wondering if anyone can provide any input on future development, solutions, or workarounds. 

For example, on private channels, we cannot revert them back to public... that is fine but how about:

- some apps that are not available on private channels like PLANNER 

- cannot send a meeting invite and add a private channel 

There’s not much to share right now more than Microsoft is working on improving the features and experience regarding private channels.
You can do a meet now in a private channel but not much more.

We and Microsoft will keep you posted !:white_heavy_check_mark:


@adam deltinger  thanks for the reply.

is there an app that you can recommend to manage tasks in a private channel, other than Planner?


There’s other third party task/planning tools you can add as apps like trellis! But another alternative is to have a planner plan created somewhere else and add the url as a website tab