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I'm trying to setup a Calendar for the Team.  When I copy and Past the URL for the team the calendar that is displayed is my calendar.  How do I get it to display the calendar for the team.  i.e. I included the the team   team_Name@domain.com in the meeting invite.   I want the calendar to show this meeting 




What a good question!  I'm thinking the best way to do this is to create a 'calendar page' in your team's/group's SharePoint site.


To do this: Open the site in SharePoint, create a page intended just for team/group calendar view, add and publish the "group calendar web part", copy it's url, and add it to your Team's tabs using the "website' tab option.


Hope this helps!

Thanks I was able to get the calendar details on the page.

However the times being shown are off by 2 hours - How do i get the correct time to show in the web part? @Jessica Bady 

Check the date Settings in the Team site

@adam deltinger 

Thank you very much.

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