Microsot Teams client not open and showing error message caa70004.

Presume a windows PC?

Can you uninstall and reinstall and try again?

If that doesn’t work;
What OS and office version?
Has it ever worked?
Does the users account work on another pc?
Can you login from a browser?



I continually have to reinstall it.  Is there a better solution?  It just started since I have been working fro home. 


Hi All, 


I get the same message. It happened after i reinstalled teams and then tried to enable outlook plugin. Now i tried to reinstal teams, i have reinstalled office and i have also changed from office 2016 to office 365. Still no change. it is a permanent problem for me now reinstalling of the software donest fix the issue.  

Dear friends, 

Some time it occurs while windows version is old at windows 10, you can update windows version & try to install , may be your problem is resolve.




Thank you.


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