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In Skype for Business Online, when a conference user share their desktop, you can request to take control and remotely control their PC.


In Teams, the function is there. But it is very slow to the point of not usable.

In Teams session, my user show his screen and I request control, and was granted. I am able to take control. But when I click the mouse, nothing happens. When I move the mouse, I can see the mouse move but clicking just doesn't work or takes a long time (lime after 2 mins) to response.

If I type something, it doesn't capture all key strokes. For example, I type "test command" without the double quote, it shows mm. So Teams remote desktop control is broken.


In order to isolate if it is network issue. I hold a Skype for Business Online session and that worked normally. So is this an issue for other tenant users? 


I don't face this kind of issues on my side. It can still be a network issue and you might have a QoS policy for SfB.
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