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I am having a Teams calendar issue. At first I thought it was a user issue on how the appt was scheduled but I am now able to witness that everything was done correctly.  
When you schedule a new meeting on a Microsoft Team calendar, it will appear 1) in your Outlook sent mail 2) in your Outlook calendar, and 3) in the Team calendar. 
We found an issue where a user created a new Team calendar meeting, but no one sees it except her on the Team calendar. It is NOT in her sent mail or her own Outlook calendar. 

This was only caught because she double checked with someone to make sure they saw it and they did not. I already checked Office 365 browser as well and it is not there. It has been over an hour now so lag is not an issue. 

I finally was able to capture a video of the issue if anyone can look into this.
11/4: Update: I called our IT and they me to reach out to Miscrosoft directly.


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