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We are seeing an error when you create a team from an existing team and click on any channel > Open in SharePoint. At first I thought that something was not working, but then I tested further by adding a document in a channel and then clicking > Open in SharePoint and the URL to SharePoint worked. I'd like to know if this is by design since in theory when you copy a Team the content doesn't come over. Can someone confirm? @Christopher Hoard would you happen to know?

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Hi@Lillian Diaz ,


The tabs are copied but the Tabs are not setup to point to the correct location, you have to go through each tab and set it up again. A bit of a half thought out function if you ask me as it isnt really a copy as you cannot use it once copied. 


We just did a project where we wrote some powershell using an Azure App and the Graph API to do this properly. 


Hope that helps


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