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What version of Office client is required for Teams to have full functionalities/best UX?

Nothing is mentioned in the pre-requisites, yet I read that without ProPlus you can't co-author on files stored in Teams (SharePoint) because the Office apps must be authenticated with O365. Without that co-authoring is only possible in the browser



Just found this bit:

For Word - You'll still be coauthoring, as long as you're an Office 365 subscriber, using one of these versions of Word:

  • Word 2016 for Windows
  • Word 2016 for Mac
  • Word on a mobile device (Android, iOS, or Windows)

If you're using an older version of Word, or if you're not a subscriber, you can still edit the document at the same time others are working in it, but you won't have real-time collaboration


For Excel however "You need the latest version of Excel for Office 365 installed"

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@Michele Casazza It is good you found the information already on desktop application requirements.

However, I'd like to point out also that Office Online allows co-authoring. So you can co-author many documents without the need for Office Proplus. However, Online doesn't come en par with desktop application functionalities and there are limits in documents (especially Excel) that is supported. 


@Vesa Nopanen Is it fair to say that without Office 365 client apps you don't get the full co-authoring experience on desktop? (The limitation seems to be attributable to Excel)

Not exactly. Office Online provides a real good co-authoring experience - with quite fast updates.
What Office Online lacks, is the full support to features desktop applications provide. Especially on Excel. But this depends a lot of what kind Excel spreadsheet you have.

Usually the best practice is to use latest versions of Office 365 client apps to make sure co-authoring also works the best way - and be used with Online versions also.