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A text 'IT' appears in the upper right of my profile picture from yesterday. What does the 'IT' mean ? 

 It is true that I belong to IT (Office 365 team). But how did Teams know it? 



That's a designation of the "ring" your Teams client (and organization) is running in, as in the version of the client and the service.

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Hello Vasil, 


Thanks for the explanation. Could you explain more about it in detail?

I think you guessed my Office 365 knowledge level too high. :)


I really appreciate your effort.




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As with most other O365 services, Microsoft releases Teams updates in "rings" in order to get additional validation. Read here:


You as an Microsoft employee are in a "lower" ring compared to the general public, and the "IT" designation signifies that.

@Vasil Michev 




My curiosity has been resolved thanks to you.


I thank you!







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