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Hello since yesterday on our free Teams account there is a problem. Indeed when we invite a person in a team it receives the invitation, but on the other hand when he wants to connect it is denied access (photo attached).
I am the administrator and no configuration to change?

How to solve the problem ? we are not even 20 users ..

thank you so muchCapture teams.PNG

@Nicolas 580I am having this same problem with my Teams account.  Any word on this yet?

@Nicolas 580  we got the same problem here.

I recognized an "guestLicense?isAadDomain=true" at the end of the URL. Is it maybe a license problem? Could not find anything online..


Like you we use the free version and want to see if we should change from Slack to Teams...

@Nicolas 580 we could solve the issue. We had to delete the user and reinvite him again. Important: The invitation had to happen by the person who created the tenant (the whole teams workspace).

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