@Chris Webb 


Thanks for the speedy, point-by-point response. Although I'm aware of much of what you said, you clarified and confirmed several things.

My reference to Groups was to Office 365 Groups, not distro groups.

Putting aside the transition away from S4B....as others do, I differentiate Teams from Groups primarily by the way communications and associated documents are handled; in Groups it's email and a classic SharePoint library; in Teams, it's persistent chat and channels (though SharePoint plays a role there, too).

In our case, there is a generational factor. Since all my users are over 50 years old (even an octogenarian or two), chat and channels don't come naturally, email is an old friend, and change in general is especially difficult. So, we've stuck with Groups so far. Even the only cohort inadvertently organized as a Team, our staff, uses email and SharePoint, ignoring the availability of chat and channels. I'm always on the lookout for an opportunity to expand their use of Teams' features, and they may be on the cusp of exploring chat/channels.

Thanks again.