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We're a small nonprofit with 30 Office 365 E1/E2 users. Two of us have E3 with the Audio Conferencing licenses for dial-in capability. (Totally online, no on-premises functions.)

Need some basic clarification on our imminent move from Islands to Teams-only for meetings and calls. Everyone uses S4B now.

The staff are set up as a Team (but they don't use the Team app, they use S4B to communicate). The board and committees are all set up as Groups.


  1. I'm told that moving from S4B to Teams-only for communications will not convert the Groups to Teams. Correct?
  2. When the Groups use the Team app for meetings and calls, will they also have access to chat and channels? What changes, if any, occur for the Groups that use the Teams app to replace S4B?
  3. Related, is the Teams app functioning as both a communication function for Groups, as well as a full coordination collaboration platform for cohorts organized as Teams?
  4. What am I conceptually missing here?