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I have 120% fonts on Windwos. The bottom "buttons" that trigger side menus on Admin panel are not fully visible. On this menu there should be 7 items but only 3 are visible. No scroll bars


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Hi @Deleted

I would recommend that you can either

1.) Raise a ticket for this through the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal and report this issue

2.) Raise a BUG on Uservoice here:

3.) You could always report it through too in the Teams Desktop App going to Help > Report a Problem

Whilst these wont in themselves resolve this they are all ways to report to the Team: the uservoice is regular viewed by the Team and hopefully it will get picked up

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Thanks - I've posted it on uservoice.

I think all of Azure/Office suffers from design that doesn't scale well with font size increase (just zoom fonts in with ctrl++)