I have a Teams channel configured to receive email notifications. It stopped displaying new emails a couple of days ago, even though email notifications continue to be generated. I suspect that the new emails get spam-filtered. How do I check this in Teams?


Can you see anything on Message Trace in the Exchange Online Message Trace in the Exchange Admin Centre?

Let me know how it goes!

Best, Chris
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You cannot really. Emails sent to Teams channels are attributed to a Microsoft-owned tenant (thus the address) and anti-malware/anti-spam filtering as well as any other processing happens there. As it's a different tenant and you have zero access to it, you cannot do the usual troubleshooting such as looking at message traces - at best they will show you the "internal" delivery from the MS tenant to yours. Best open a support case.

That’s good to know @Vasil Michev thanks for that :white_heavy_check_mark:
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