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Hello All,

I  have setup and shared a form in MS Teams to collect answers from a community of 500 users.  However, the users members,  are able to see the form but not able to populate the formas content.


Any idea of wht may happen ? Any tip to solve it ?


Thank you  in advance


Hi @marquejm

See article

Did you set the form to ‘Anyone with this link can respond’ as opposed to ‘Only people in my organisation can respond’. I have seen a few times that this is the cause of the issue.

If it is still the issue I would follow this next article and copy the form and then send this new one with the ‘anyone with this link can respond’ on.

If that still doesn’t work I would recreate the form entirely.

Let me know how it goes.

Best, Chris
Also in Teams you choose to either add the Edit the forms tab or collect answers option! You need the latter!
For sure - I now tend to add forms as webpages in Teams (with the share link) for exactly this reason :white_heavy_check_mark: