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I need help on how I can determine what a user gets and why. so I can give my end users an explanation on to why I made a certain decision on how to move forward with a request to creating an MS Team from SharePoint. (ultimately, I’d like something that is almost a script, that helps me determine what a user gets and why.)

For example, If a an end user says, I want the capability to do “xy and z”, I can refer to a document, that starts me off in the right direction.

What is the threshold to create a new team? (What would help me determine to create a new team vs. trying to make an existing team do more things?)(Do I focus more on the team, or the security?) Thanks so much!


I would recommend taking Karuana Gatimu’s course Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist. This focuses on Teams and how to roll it out and manage it in an organisation. This includes Pilot Testing, developing personas and several different types of teams. This should be able to help you frame an approach to developing what you need.

This course is free - unless you pay for the certification.

Hope it helps with giving you some direction.

Best, Chris
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@bteferi I would suggest focusing on the user rather than the data, our role is to make them more productive. In general you'll find that allowing self-service create far more user satisfaction, but if you add in controls like naming policies, expiry policies, and team classifications then you create something that needs less administration.

Yes it probably will end up more messy and with duplication that a well governed environment, but in my experience users don't care in this as much as the ability to just get on with their work.