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When someone calls we get a popup on our screen but there is no sound via the Computer speaker.

We can seem to find a setting to activate the Computer speaker without deactivating the headphones.

We do not want to have the our headphone on all day.


With skype for business we could hear the ringing.

best response confirmed by Chris Webb (MVP)



This feature is on the Roadmap and is on its way!



You  are not alone on this. There is currently an active uservoice request to enable users to use speakers as secondary ringer the same way it is in Skype for Business.


Please vote on this.




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@Deleted, someone should update the documentation to reflect that secondary ringer doesn't exist yet.  See https://support.office.com/en-us/article/control-calls-using-a-headset-in-teams-65d6e104-444d-4013-b8c2-f11317dd69a8


"In addition, if you have multiple devices connected, you can set one as your secondary ringer, so it'll ring when you get an incoming call. And you can answer incoming calls or upcoming meetings on any connected device—not just the ones that ring."