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All users (with the exception of the global admin) have O365 Business Essentials license.


How can I, as the global admin, manage Microsoft Teams and Channels? I am set as the Owner of those teams and there are no members except me.


I have created some teams via SharePoint's Admin Center, and now I'd like to create the Channels for those teams.

You can as admin access the teams admin center from where you can create channels aswell!

You can also use powershell to manage settings and channels in Teams:

I've tried using the following page, but it says "No teams are available for this tenant".

Is this because my global admin account is Unlicensed?
You said SharePoint admin center. You have to use power shell to activate teams on a SharePoint created modern site. Do you have to option to create a team from teams admin?

You can use powershell new-team command with the groupid command for attaching but you can assign a license for teams and you can easily do it inside of Teams client itself.
I created it as a Team Site, which comes with the group ...etc, via sharepoint admin center. Is this not the same?
No. Teams doesn’t activate on a SharePoint site unless you attach teams to it. Via powershell or from creating a team in the Teams client and selecting attach to existing group.

There is a link on some SharePoint tenants if you are owner could show in bottom left corner of the page to activate teams on it but I think that feature is rolling out.