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A weird occurrence just reported to me. Someone was trying to use Praise in a 1:1 chat with someone new to Teams (about 24 hours). It gave her a 'task module could not be loaded' error instead of showing the praise icons. Praising other people worked just fine.


We fixed it by uninstalling Praise (in chat, use . . . menu to go to Praise, but instead of selecting it, use its . . . menu to uninstall it), then going back into the chat . . . menu, 'More Apps', and reinstalling Praise. After that it loaded fine.


I'm not sure if the 'install' of Praise is tied to the praisee, or the praiser? :) But something glitched... User was actually able to continue conversing with the person, and after a couple of messages the praise went through, without the uninstall. Like the 'link' between the 2 got lost for a bit.

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