@Timothy Balk There were some states that already had a similar law on the books that prohibited having to dial 9+9-1-1 for emergency calls.  Kari's law is the codification of those state concepts for national purposes.  Properly designed and configured emergency calling configurations for S4B would have already adhered to the items in the legislation.


For on-premises S4B installations, the configuration for this is very straightforward.  Make sure your location policy is set correctly - 911 is the dial number and 9911 or 112 or 999 or 000 is the dial mask. Make sure your location policy is assigned a PSTN usage that will route out a GW local to the site.  Assign your location policy to your Network Sites.  Voila.


In case you need a reference, take a look at:




Generally speaking, you should not have to make any ITSP or ISDN level changes with the phone carrier.  Most carriers/providers don't accept calls for 9+911 anyway - it was the PBX requiring the leading 9 for an external trunk selection.