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I am not sure how to allow attendee's to join a MS Team meeting when calling from my mobile device, NOT using the MS Teams app.


In short, I have created a team meeting in outlook, and there is a number that is required to Join and the conf id as well.  When I am NOT in front of my laptop, I use my mobile device to call the number, enter in my conf id and then click * to join as the leader.  I input my PIN and voila I am in the conf call as leader.  However, I am the only one in the meeting as others are also calling from their landline or mobile but only hear music/hold....

Question: how do I allow them to enter the meeting from my mobile phone?


Hi Sameer,

Microsoft are asking for feedback in this uservoice here - there are many who want to see the auto join functionality, or where everyone enters the meeting upon the organiser joining by mobile phone (not having to use the Teams app to let everyone in)

I would recommend feeding back here. The comments in the Uservoice does suggest a workaround by using Powershell and applying a custom policy which you may wish to test; however I am sure you would like to see this natively within the Teams service without custom policies and I would agree. I voted for this and would recommend for you to do so too and drive others to it. It should not just be via the Teams App to let others join or else they get stuck in the lobby indefinitely.

I hope that I have answered your question. If I have, please like and set as the solution. If there is anything else you need please let me know. Hope to answer more of your questions in the community on another occasion thanks for raising!

Best, Chris

You can set a meeting policy so anyone can join without the leader, see Automatically admit users at


It does create some concern, for example if you are providing toll-free access at your cost then people could use your conference ID to avoid call charges, but if you have audio conferencing on a per user basis with toll lines there isn't a commercial risk,